Most recent life lesson - Seasonal Candy

t's getting to be the rainy season in Georgia so I'm drinking tea with my montydog at my feet. It's a very domesticated scene, I'm telling you. I want to talk about two subjects. 1. Seasonal Candy and 2. AI

I did want to post a power point on Seasonal Candy but can't figure out how to do that. Basically, there are four prime points in the year. You have your Halloween - which is sort of meh because it generally consists of regular candy made up to look like seasonal candy. But an m & m with a pumpkin face is still a candy shell covered chocolate.

Then, you have Christmas which I tend to skip for homemade goodies which always ALWAYS top seasonal (with the exception of the greatest seasonal confection ever which we'll get to later).

Next, is Valentine's. God bless this saint. I love conversational hearts. All kinds, the sour ones, the chalky ones, the big chewy ones. And I don't care what anyone says, typing messages on candy - is clever.

Finally, comes the crux of the seasonal candy, um, season? Easter. This brings mini-eggs which one might argue is simply a Wopper but you are wrong. The added shell and cute suggestion that you are munching on baby robins roots it firmly in a seperate catagory. Then, the various forms of chocolate bunny, including my favorite, the white chocolate bunny. Have we mentioned Peeps yet? Mmmm, peeeeeppps. And finally, we come it. The jesus of seasonal candy - the Cadbury Egg. Is there anything better in the world??? It also has great commercials! A bonus!

Something is a bit amiss this year though. Danny got his first cadbury of the season when we noticed...it is much smaller than usual. What the fuck cadbury? I'm going to do a bit more research but this could warrent an angry letter. You should have at least a small stomache if not a full blown sugar meltdown after eating one of these and that tiny little shit egg seemed quite manageable.

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